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Unit Abbr Symb Defn
- amp a I : current P/E
- c = speed light : f*λ
- farad f : capacitance
- hertz hz f : frequency
- meter m λ :
- ohm Ω : resistance
- volt v E : potential
- watt w P : power

- License Study AA9PW  eHam  KB0MGA  QRZ
- FCC Wireless
- Page by WA6CRE
- bio: QRZ
-- Find WA6CRE-10
- HamUniverse
-- ARRL Become a Ham Radio Operator
-- Classes require The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual, latest Ed.
---- about 30USD, Kindle is less info post 2010
-- Technician Question Pool 2006 good after Jul 2006 .. (linger mouse over link) Note Outline below
-- FCC Requires for Technician Ham license.. at least 26 questions from a 35 question written examination must be answered correctly.
-- 47 CFR Part 97 FCC Ham radio rules
-- Do you want to get a Ham Radio License, Assist your community?
For ACS ARC Ham radio classes, Send email to acs AT
* Change " AT " to "@" ) with your contact information,
* Leave [HamLicenseHelp]" in the subject line.
-- Ventura County, CA, known Ham radio classes:
  --- VC ARC Ventura Red Cross or contact
      Stewart, Rodger, Everett, or visit the ACSARC BLOG
  --- CVARC Conejo Valley              --- VCARC in Ventura, CA
  --- ARRL search near Ventura County, CA classes.  
-- ARRL All Exam Question Pools, (downloadable PDF files)
-- Charts & Maps Ham Calls, ITU, Spectrum, VC
1λ = 1 wavelength : - - : λ/2 = 1/2 wavelength : - - : λ/4 = 1/4 wavelength
Two Meters (2m) ~= 76 inches :: λ/2 ~= 38 inches :: λ/4 ~= 19 inches :--: duckie shorter

2006 Technician Class (Element 2) Master syllabus Released 6 February, 2006
35 Exam questions

  • SUBELEMENT T1 -- FCC Rules, station license responsibilities
          4 exam questions - 4 groups
  • T1A - Basis and purpose of the Amateur Radio Service, penalties for unlicensed operation, other penalties, examinations

    T1B - ITU regions, international regulations, US call sign structure, special event calls, vanity call signs

    T1C - Authorized frequencies (Technician), reciprocal licensing, operation near band edges, spectrum sharing

    T1D - The station license, correct name and address on file, license term, renewals, grace period

  • SUBELEMENT T2 - Control operator duties
        4 exam questions - 4 groups
  • T2A - Prohibited communications: music, broadcasting, codes and ciphers, business use, permissible communications, bulletins, code practice, incidental music

    T2B - Basic identification requirements, repeater ID standards, identification for non-voice modes, identification requirements for mobile and portable operation

    T2C - Definition of control operator, location of control operator, automatic and remote control, auxiliary stations T2D - Operating another person's station, guest operators at your station, third party communications, autopatch, incidental business use, compensation of operators, club stations, station security, station inspection, protection against unauthorized transmissions

  • SUBELEMENT T3 - Operating practices
          4 exam questions - 4 groups

    T3A - Choosing an operating frequency, calling CQ, calling another station, test transmissions

    T3B - Use of minimum power, band plans, repeater coordination, mode restricted sub-bands

    T3C - Courtesy and respect for others, sensitive subject areas, obscene and indecent language

    T3D - Interference to and from consumer devices, public relations, intentional and unintentional interference

  • SUBELEMENT T4 - Radio and electronic fundamentals
          5 exam questions - 5 groups

    T4A - Names of electrical units, DC and AC, what is a radio signal, conductors and insulators, electrical components

    T4B - relationship between frequency and wavelength, identification of bands, names of frequency ranges, types of waves

    T4C - How radio works: receivers, transmitters, transceivers, amplifiers, power supplies, types of batteries, service life

    T4D - Ohms law relationships

    T4E - Power calculations, units, kilo, mega, milli, micro

    SUBELEMENT T5 - Station setup and operation
          4 exam questions - 4 groups

    T5A - Station hookup - microphone, speaker, headphones, filters, power source, connecting a computer

    T5B - Operating controls

    T5C - Repeaters; repeater and simplex operating techniques, offsets, selective squelch, open and closed repeaters, linked repeaters

    T5D - Recognition and correction of problems, symptoms of overload and overdrive, distortion, over and under modulation, RF feedback, off frequency signals, fading and noise, problems with digital communications links

  • SUBELEMENT T6 - Communications modes and methods
          3 exam questions - 3 groups

    T6A - Modulation modes, descriptions and bandwidth (AM, FM, SSB)

    T6B - Voice communications, EchoLink and IRLP

    T6C - Non-voice communications - image communications, data, CW, packet, PSK31, Morse code techniques, Q signals

  • SUBELEMENT T7 - Special operations
          2 exam questions - 2 groups

    T7A - Operating in the field, radio direction finding, radio control, contests, special event stations

    T7B - Satellite operation, Doppler shift, satellite sub bands, LEO, orbit calculation, split frequency operation, operating protocols, AMSAT, ISS communications

  • SUBELEMENT T8 Emergency and Public Service Communications
          3 exam questions - 3 groups

    T8A - FCC declarations of an emergency, use of non-amateur equipment and frequencies, use of equipment by unlicensed persons, tactical call signs

    T8B - Preparation for emergency operations, RACES/ARES, safety of life and property, using ham radio at civic events, compensation prohibited

    T8C - Net operations, responsibilities of the net control station, message handling, interfacing with public safety officials

    Full (Good till revised, maybe 24+ months) Technician Question Pool 2006

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